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Passionate software engineer, enthusiastic about Parallel Computing and the field of General-purpose computing on graphics processing units. Currently providing innovative software solutions, while embracing two life challenges, chess and German language.

Pragmatic, goal-driven professional, fast learner and self taught with good communication skills, largely enhanced through close interaction with the academic world.

Contact Details

Bruno Medeiros
Uminho University



Doctor of Philosophy in Informatic Engineering

University of Minho, Braga 2012 - 2017

Informatic Enginnering Researcher specialized in High performance Parallel and Distributed computation.

Master's Thesis

Checkpointing techniques and adaptation in Computational Grids 2009 - 2011

Master's Thesis written under the supervision of Professor Joao Luis Sobral. In this Thesis we proposed an approach where scientific applications were enhanced with fault-tolerance capability by plugging additional modules. The proposed technique is portable across operating systems and minimises the changes required to base applications.

Master's degree in Informatic Engineering

University of Minho, Braga 2008 - 2011

Specialization in Databases (SSD) and Software design ( ACS), achieving Class A.

Bachelor's degree in Informatic Engineering

University of Minho, Braga 2005 - 2008

Graduation in Informatic Engineering with class A.


PhD Researcher

Contract by Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) March 2012 - Present

FCT award me with a PhD Scholarship based on my Academic merit. Working under the supervision of Professor Joao Luis Sobral

Currently I am developing abstract portable, and at the same time, efficient software, using JAVA and AspectJ languages. This software has to take full potential of multi-core architectures such as Shared Memory, Distributed Memory, Distributed Shared Memory (NUMA) and CoProcessors (GPU).

I am mainly working with C, JAVA and AspectJ programming languages. Using technologies such as MPI, OpenMP, JAVA concurrency and CUDA. Working in the Minho cluster SeARCH.

Teaching Computational Systems class 2014 - 2015


Summer Internship at The University of Texas, Austin Summer of 2013

Implementing metis, a graph partitioning algorithm, in CUDA, based on a version implemented in the Galois framework. Supervised by Dr. Keshav pingali team.

Technical assistant of the teaching staff of Informatic labs 3. February 2013 - July 2013

I served as technical assistant of the teaching staff (FMM, JLS and JMF) of the Informatics Labs. course III of the 2nd. year, 2nd. semester of the Informatics Engineering graduation course.

During that period, I developed a software system that allowed and the automatic and parametrized evaluation of more that one hundred individual C projects submitted by the students. Based on linux scripting, C makefiles and C code, the evalution system was able to set a standardized configuration environment where the C projects were run, their output gathered and registered, and afterwards compared with the expected results. Statistical and technical reports were also produced either with quantitative measures and qualitatitve annotations. These multifaceted reports, one per student, were of great help improving the overall evaluation parameters of the course.

Attending an extracurricular Informatic Engineering master's degree module (CPD) . 2012 - 2013

During the first year of my PhD I attented the master's degree module "Parallel and Distributed Computation" at uminho University.

HPC Researcher

Contract by Foundation for Science and Technology, The University of Minho, Braga September 2009 - December 2011

Researcher at University of Minho under the AspectGrid project. The AspectGrid (GRID/GRI/81880/2006) project is a 3 years project funded by Portuguese FCT (POSI) and by European funds (FEDER).

    During that time I developed:
    • Checkpoint/restart approaches to fault tolerance;
    • Profiling;
    • Run-time adaptation mechanisms.
For parallel and distributed computational environments, such as Shared Memory (SM), Distributed Memory (DM) and Hybrid SM + DM. Using non-intrusive Aspect Oriented Programing techniques (AOP) namely AspectJ. Researcher in the GAsPar project, aiming to develop a library to parallelize scientific sequential algorithms using also AOP approaches.
    During that time I also wrote the following articles:
    1. An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Fault - Tolerance in Grid Platforms in the conference IBERGRID, June 2001, Santander Spain
    2. An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Fault - Tolerance in Grid Platforms on "Journal of Computing and Informatics" ISSN 1335-9150;
    3. Checkpointing and Run-Time Adaptation with Pluggable Parallelisation accepted on the 40th conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP) in Taipei, Taiwan, Setember 2011. This article was one of the 81 accepted articles out of 363 submissions (acceptance rate under 23 %);
    4. I did my master's thesis obtaining a grade of 19 out of 20.


Volunteer Tutor, ANEIS, Braga December 2010 - March 2011. Working as a Tutor guiding gifted children into programming.

Invigilator, British Council, Porto July 2009. Working as an english exame invigilator.

Invigilator, University of Azores, Azores September of 2004, 2005 and 2006. Handling of a GPS controller used in a PhD thesis

Check-in controller, SATA, Azores. July 2003 - September 2003. Giving instructions to passengers at the check-in area.

Survey worker, Regional Directorate of Employment, Azores. July 2001 - September 2001 and July 2002 - September 2002. Asking people to fill surveys for statistical purposes.


2013 - 1º Chess tournament of Cisave Professional School [NEWS]

2013 - A Summer Internship Scholarship at The University of Texas, Austin. To work with Dr. Keshav pingali group [IMG]

2013 - District Chess Teams AXDB 2013 winner playing for CXB [IMG]

2013 - Tecminho free course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2012 - Silver at the University National Championship (CNU) of Rapid Chess by teams [NEWS] [IMG]

2012 - Foundation for Science and Technology PhD Scholarship

2011 - Informatics Departament Master's Scholarship

2009 - Informatics Departament B.S Scholarship

Computer skills

Basic - PYTHON, Adobe Photoshop,HTML,CSS,Prolog, C++, SQL.

Intermediate Bash scripting, JAVA, UML, LATEX.

Advanced OpenMP, MPI, C, AspectJ.

I also have good notion of HPC, parallel and distributed systems. Additional notions of Database system although lacking some practical experience in the subject.

I am currently focusing at learning programming patterns, abstracts and good practices, instead of simply learning programming languages syntax.


Portuguese - Mothertongue

English - C1 level. Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) at British Institute of Braga obtaining class A

Spanish - Basic level. Able to understand simple texts and conversations

German - B1 level. B1 Certificate in German at British Institute of Braga obtaining class B+.



    • Aspect Oriented Parallel Framework for Java. 2016 - 2nd Quarter [URL]


  • Gaspar: A Compositional Aspect-Oriented Approach for Cluster Applications. CONCURRENCY AND COMPUTATION: PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE 2015 - 3nd Quarter [URL]


    • Book chapter: Grid Programming Frameworks. Chapter of the book Grid Computing: Techniques and Future Prospects - ISBN-13: 978-1631177040 | ISBN-10: 1631177044 2015 - 2nd Quarter [URL]


    • Implementing an OpenMP-like standard with AspectJ, MISS '13 Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on Modularity in systems software - Aspect-Oriented Software Development, Fukuoka, Japan March 2013 [URL]

    • AOmpLib: An Aspect Library for Large-Scale Multi-core Parallel Programming, 42nd International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP13) - Lyon, France October 2013 [URL]


    • AspectGrid: Aspect-Oriented Fault-Tolerance in Grid Platforms, Computing and Informatics 31(1): 89-101 (2012) 2012 [URL]


    • Checkpoint and Run-Time Adaptation with Pluggable Parallelisation,Parallel Processing (ICPP), 2011 International Conference - n Taipei, Taiwan (acceptance rate under 23 %) September 2011 [URL]

    • An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Fault-Tolerance in Grid Platforms, IBERGRID, 5th Iberian Grid Infrastructure conference proceedings. Santander, Spain 8 June 2011 [PDF]

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