06.03.17: Paper PDP'17 is presented.
18.11.16: Paper PDP'17 is accepted.
01.10.16 - 06.01.17: Visited Gabriel Falcão in Coimbra, Portugal.
26.09.16: Paper JoWUA'16 is accepted.
22.09.16: PhD thesis is successfully defended (comittee: C. Bischof, K. Pingali, J. Buchmann, F. Wolf and S. Roth).
29.07.16: Paper VECPAR'16 is presented in Porto, Portugal.
01.03.16: Paper VECPAR'16 is accepted.
01.03.16: Talk is given at the 2016 HPC Workshop (invitation only) in Leogang, Austria.
19.02.16: Paper PDP'16c is presented in Heraklion, Greece.
19.02.16: Paper PDP'16a is presented in Heraklion, Greece.
19.11.15: Paper PDP'16c is accepted.
19.11.15: Paper PDP'16b is accepted.
19.11.15: Paper PDP'16a is accepted.
18.11.15 - 20.11.15: Attended CROSSING retreat in Bad-Dürkheim, Germany.
03.09.15: Paper ICPP'15 is presented in Beijing, China.
23.07.15: Talk is given at INESC, Lisbon, Portugal.
20.07.15 - 09.10.15: Visited Leonel Sousa (INESC) in Lisbon, Portugal.
13.07.15 - 17.07.15: Attended ACACES (HiPEAC) Summer School in Fiuggi, Italy.
10.05.15: Paper ICPP'15 is accepted.
28.04.15: Talk is given at RRZE, Erlangen, Germany.
22.04.15 - 13.05.15: Hosted Roberto Ribeiro from University of Minho, Portugal.
10.11.14 - 14.11.14: Hosted Thijs Laarhoven from Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.
02.11.14: Paper PDP'15 is accepted.
29.09.14 - 01.10.14: Attended PQCrypto Summer School in Waterloo, Canada.
19.09.14: Paper LATINCRYPT'14 is presented in Florianopolis, Brazil.
18.09.14: Talk is given at Latincrypt'14, in Florianopolis, Brazil.
16.09.14: Paper BALKANCRYPT'14 is accepted.
29.08.14: Talk is accepted at Latincrypt'14.
25.08.14: Paper APCI&E'14 is presented in Porto, Portugal.
24.08.14: Paper LATINCRYPT'14 is accepted.
02.08.14: Paper SBAC-PAD'14 is accepted.
22.07.14: Talk is given at DIMACS Workshop, Hoboken, New Jersey, United States.
15.07.14: Paper INFORUM'14 is accepted.
07.07.14 - 11.07.14: Attended PUMPS'14 Summer School in Barcelona, Spain.
05.07.14: Paper APCI&E'14 is accepted.
08.06.14 - 12.06.14: Co-hosted, together with Özgür Dagdelen, Rob Fitzpatrick and Bo-Yin Yang from Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
23.10.13: Paper SOC'13 is presented in Tampere, Finland.
08.07.13: Paper SOC'13 is accepted.
18.06.13: Paper IESS'13 is presented in Paderborn, Germany.
19.02.13: Paper IESS'13 is accepted.
01.11.12: Moved to Darmstadt, Germany.
08.10.12: Paper HPC-UA'12 is presented in Kiev, Ukraine.
30.09.12: Paper HPC-UA'12 is accepted.
21.09.12: MSc thesis UM'12 sucessfully defended at UMinho (GPA: 18 out of 20).
06.02.12: Paper IJI'12 is accepted.