This is the official page of LUSA - the Lattice Unified Set of Algorithms library - a C++ library with lattice algorithms in the context of lattice-based crytanalysis. LUSA was designed to be SIMPLE to use (simply download the source code and start programming, no need for dependencies of any kind) and HIGH PERFORMANCE, being ultra fast and allowing multi-threaded executions (for any number of threads, for almost all routines).

I am the chief programmer at LUSA, but this project would not have been possible without the following people:

- Fábio Correia: Developed many methods for LUSA during his MSc (co-supervised by Artur) and later on, as Artur's research assistant;
- Dominique Metz: Carried out several tests with LUSA during his BSc thesis (supervised by Artur);
- Filipe Cabeleira: Implemented the parallel Voronoi-cell based SVP-solver during his MSc (co-supervised by Artur);

and without the following funding entity and projects:

- DFG post-doc grant


MANUAL: here.

SOURCE: here.