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Parallel Computing Conferences 2014/1015/2016

Ranking scientific conferences is a very complicated task. Oftentimes, ranks vary among themselves and scientists tend, as a result, to rank conferences according to their personal experience. Below, you can find a number of reputable conferences in parallel, computer architecture and high performance computing. This data is intended to be a personal reference, and might contain mistakes, but feel free to use it. However, keep in mind that this list is not intended to be complete and I do not make any value judgment on any conference. The list is not sorted by any particular order. Please contact me if you think that is data contains mistakes. Last Update: June 2015.
Conference Submission Notification Presentation Location Last AR
PDP August October February Crete, Greece 31%
IPDPS September November April Atlanta, GA, USA x%
ICPP March May September Vienna, Austria x%
SPAA February April August Calgary, Canada x%
ISPASS September December April White Plains, NY, USA x%
HiPEAC July September January Pisa, Italy x%
HPCA July October January Bangalore, India x%
ISCA November TBA June Saint-Malo, France x%
HPDC December TBA June Munich, Germany x%
ICS January March June New York, NY, USA x%
HPCC January March June Seoul, Korea x%
PACT March May September Raleigh, North Carolina x%
Supercomputing April Jun November Portland, OR, USA x%
PDCS April May August Prague, Czech Republic x%


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