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About me

I finished my PhD in October 2011 (and started in October 1, 2007). The theme of my thesis was:
Verification, Slicing and Visualization of Programs with Contracts (available here).

In the context of my PhD I developed a Slicer using the annotations (pre/postconditions and invariants) of a program. You can read more details here. I also developed a Verification Condition Generator system, using JAVA and JML languages. Both systems (Slicer+VCGen) are available here.
I also belong to the team of the following research projects:
  • DSLpc, a project in program comprehension for Domain Specific Languages (DSLs).
  • CROSS, An Infrastructure for Certification and Re-engineering of Open Source Software.
  • QUIXOTE, Desenvolvimento de modelos do domínio do problema para inter-relacionar as vistas operacional e comportamental em sistemas de software (bilateral Cooperation Project (Argentina-Portugal))
  • HERMES, Aprendizagem e Povoamento de Ontologias a partir de Fontes Textuais (bilateral Brasil-Portugal joint-research project)

Other stuff

I am the Portuguese representative of Estimating Services, a company dedicated to estimating software.
With respect to the projects with companies:
  • GesRendas --- A project to manage the housing renting sector.
  • Complex polygon area algorithms for CAD based construction estimating software.
  • Through December 2007 to October 2008, I was involved in the development of SIGON.2, an information system to ON.2 - O Novo Norte (The New North) --- a financial instrument which supports regional development in the north of Portugal. ON.2 constitutes the most significant general financial allocation for regional operating programs.

In the past, I have written some articles for Eurogamer, a site dedicated to videogames. My role is to analyze a game and write a review about it, in a fair way. The articles I have compiled can be found here.

In the past:

I have completed my graduation in Mathematics and Computer Science in September 2007.

I am a member of the Language Processing group (GEPL) of Department of Computing, at University of Minho.

During 2005-2007, I also formed part of a team for the PCVIA, a research project in program comprehension.

I have been involved in the exploration of Attribute-Based Compiler Generators, and in the development of a Compiler for the LISS programming language, using different generating tools and virtual target machines.

I also developed Alma system, a generic and general purpose Program Animator.

Other academic/scientific Activities


Please feel free to contact me:
..::.. danieladacruz@di.uminho.pt or
..::.. danieladacruz@gmail.com

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