This personal webpage is used to show the work that I've been doing as a researcher and as a student (MSc) of Informatics/Computer Science at University of Minho.
Here you will find downloads for my previous works, news about my research projects, my scientific (and personal) interests, publications, CV, and such.
This page is outdated and should be changed during the following weeks (23/03/2010)

Personal info

I'm 24 years old, I'm studying at the University of Minho at the MSc level and I'm working full-time with a research grant on the RESCUE project.
The work that I've been doing, under the supervision of professors Jorge Sousa Pinto and Luís Pinto, is also the theme for my thesis. You can download my thesis workplan here (in english).

Justice (Gi)

Scientific interests:

  • Formal Methods
    • Methods and tools for modelling, specification, verification and validation
    • Verification and validation of embedded software
    • Verification and validation of concurrent and parallel software
    • Software metrics
    • Testing methods
  • Parallel computing
    • New languages and libraries to do shared memmory multi-core programming focusing on productivity and software engineering instead of high performance
    • Use of purely functional programming languages to make it easier to take advantage of parallelism in multi-core systems
  • Functional programming
    • Fast prototyping and expressiveness
    • Strongly typed and lazy languages
    • Exploiting multi-core programming
  • Mathematics in computer science
    • Dependent types and their applications to programming languages
    • Algebras and co-algebras

Coragem (Yuu)

Knowledge in the following technologies

  • Tools for modelling, specification, validation and verification
  • Writing and using programming rules (PMD and Semmle)
  • Creating Domain Specific Languages
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AspectJ and AspectC/C++)
  • Tools and techniques for profilling and optimizing code
  • Platforms and programming languages

    Benevol�ncia (Jin)

Articles & Techincal Reports

  • Tool for combining reusable aspects - PSL
  • Adding self-adapation to scientific applications in the AspectGrid framework, Edgar Sousa, Eduardo Brito, Rui C. Goncalves, Jo�o Lu�s Sobral, Unpublished
  • Program Verication in SPARK and ACSL: A Comparative Case Study, Eduardo Brito, Jorge Sousa Pinto, Accepted for Ada Europe 2010
  • Enhancing Program Verification for SPARK, Eduardo Brito, Lu�s Pinto, Jorge Sousa Pinto, Accepted for EDCC 2010

Educa��o (Rei)

Personal interests & hobbies

  • Music (Listening, writing and stringed musical instruments (guitar and bass, mainly))
  • Martial arts and combat sports
  • Cinema (watching, directing, scripting and editing)
  • Oriental languages and cultures, in particular the japanese language and culture. The images on this site represent the seven virtues of Bushido, "The warrior's path"
  • Telivision series (live action and anime)
  • Literature (Fiction, terror, european and american comic books, manga and manhwa)
  • Creating digital art (drawing, painting and digital photography)
  • Writing (fiction and lyrics)
  • Videogames

Honestidade (Makoto)



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Lealdade (Chuugi)