Project Wiki   

Page used for the exchange of information between members of the various participating institutions. 

aLFA Programme   

Official page of the aLFA Programme 

AlBan Programme   

The Programme Alßan aims at the reinforcement of the European Union / Latin America co-operation in the area of Higher Education and covers studies for postgraduates (in the context of Master and Doctorate degrees) as well as higher training for Latin America professionals/future decision-makers, in institutions or centres in the European Union. 

SOCRATES/Erasmus Programme   

ERASMUS is the higher education Action of SOCRATES II programme. It seeks to enhance the quality and reinforce the European dimension of higher education by encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, boosting European mobility and improving the transparency and full academic recognition of studies and qualifications throughout the Union. 

Your Europe portal   

On-line EU and national public services for EU citizens, providing detailed practical information on your rights and opportunities in the EU and its Internal Market plus advice on how to exercise these rights in practice


Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura
Organização dos Estados Ibero-americanos para a Educação, a Ciência, e a Cultura